Ready to take part in the world's biggest crypto hunt?

Ready to take part in the world's biggest crypto hunt?

Discover Token Hunters, a geolocation based play-to-earn mobile game combining social and game elements
where you can win free tokens.

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1. Choose your quest

Start walking around and meet some gentlemen that will offer you quests with amazing treasures to find.

2. Go hunting

Go through the streets in search of the coveted treasure. Use the items at your disposal to help you during your hunt.

3. Treasure found!

When you get close to the treasure, grab the chest with your phone and the treasure is yours!

Unique game

Discover the features of the game

Win tokens and NFTs

Go on the adventure now with the first geolocation-based treasure hunt game and find treasures like NFT and tokens.

Friends system

Invite your friends and sponsor them to earn coins easily and effortlessly through their treasure hunts !


Find treasures faster with awesome items like the thermometer or the compass that will be very useful during the hunt.


You will also have a beautiful workshop at your disposal to craft items with the collected materials along the roads.

Our Friends

The game

Go on the most exciting treasure hunt of your life!

Token Hunters is based on our popular mobile game Treasure Hunters, the treasure hunting game that lets you win real prizes by hunting in the wild.

  • Token Hunters will be the first location-based play-to-earn mobile game that will allow you to win tokens and NFTs.
  • Take your phone, put on some shoes and go on an adventure in the streets of your city or in the countryside in search of treasures.
  • Go to a search area and find the treasure that is hidden there. Grab the chest with your phone and the treasure is yours!


Be a checkpoint owner

Become owner of a specific location around the world marked with a pin icon on the map and collect free coins easily!

As a player, buy a checkpoint and own a part of the world! This will give you the opportunity to earn coins every time a player passes through your checkpoint to collect coins.

These are located in many places on the map such as bus stops, shops or in some public places, e.g.: Central Park in NYC, Eiffel Tower in Paris or Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. You will also get an NFT representing the checkpoint you own.


Collect our unique avatars

Unlock premium avatars as NFTs by winning them in quests or by purchasing them directly from the game marketplace.

These avatars have several skill levels that will help you to find treasures easily. Another very interesting thing, you will earn more tokens in the game with them.

Collections as NFT will also be available with the creation of special characters with different partners.

The perfect combination between Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn game.

A unique proposition that allows players to move and exercise while playing a fun game where they win treasures!

During your hunts, you will also be able to develop your skills such as :

  • Orientation and exploration

  • Perseverance

  • Strategy


A geolocation-based game that lets you hunt in the great outdoors and get some exercise.


You play a unique game that rewards you with treasures such as NFTs or tokens

Based on our popular mobile game
Treasure Hunters

Hunt and win real prizes

Hunt for real prizes rather than virtual creatures.

Available in 14 countries

Our game is already available in Europe and America.

Attendance at many events

CES in Las Vegas, Gamescom in Cologne, HeroFest in Bern.

More than
$3m raised

More than 1600 investors believe in the project.


Token Hunters features two tokens. $HUNT is the governance and staking token and $THRS is the game currency token.

Token Hunters uses Solana to ensure a fast, secure, and decentralized digital asset ownership with low costs to players.


Yearly (Save 30%)


Hunter coin

Utility token

Total supply: unlimited

Hunter coin ($THRS) is the main currency used in game for the following activities:

  • Enter in a quest
  • Buy items
  • Use boosts
  • Convert into $HUNT


Q2 2022

  • Website, whitepaper, pitchdeck, documents
  • Build community
  • Start marketing

Q3 2022

  • Advisors, Backers
  • IDO, DEX, CEX launch
  • Avatar reveal
  • Gameplay reveal

Q4 2022

  • Community growth, airdrop events
  • Website redesign
  • Alpha game development
  • Wallet and smart contract setup

Q1 2023

  • Alpha game public launch
  • Listing on main CEX'es

Q2 2023

  • Avatar NFT Presale
  • Checkpoint NFT Presale
  • Beta game development
  • New avatar
  • NFT marketplace launch
  • Staking launch

Q3 2023

  • Official Gameplay teaser
  • Official launch Token Hunters on iOS and Android
  • New Avatars NFT Sale
  • New Checkpoints NFT Sale

Q4 2023

  • Continue developing in-game assets
  • Group hunts

Our Team

We all are crypto enthousiasts

We have taken it to heart to keep our «startup spirit», each employee is treated as an important member of the company and each member of our team fully identifies with the Token Hunters project.

Diego Rohner

Pierre Gelso

Guillaume Hentzi

Ludovic Koller

Péter Rénes

Zsolt Molnar